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Job offers

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MQM (Model-based systems & Qualitative reasoning) research group at Department of Computer Science is offering:

  • a position for supporting (in team) the development of the „Model Manipulation Environment“ (MOM)

MOM is a generic Framework for production, transformation and structured storage of models. It outmatches current industrial systems since it is not limited to individual kinds of model and simulation environments. Numeric, symbolic and also qualitative models can not only be represented in a generic way but also changed and converted by the help of a library of generic algorithms – independent of the underlying simulation tools like MatLab/Simulink, Spice or OCCM's Raz'r. Apart from a component-oriented representation and a storage in libraries, the framework also offers a visualization and an automatic derivation of model relations. The actual status is being at the end of the requirements retrieval phase.


Support the team in

  1. the analysis of the requirements
  2. the design the framework (Static Structure Diagrams)
  3. the implementation of the most important parts of the framework

He will be involved in MQM group with potential further offers.

Requested knowledge:

  • basics in .NET C#
  • UML


Please contact:

  • Michael Esser,
  • Alessandro Fraracci,



last update:  16.10.2006

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