Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Leitch et al. 92]

Roy Leitch, Hartmut Freitag, Q. Shen, Peter Struss, G. Tornielli

ARTIST: A methodological approach to specifying model based diagnostic systems

In: Industrial Applications of knowledge-based Diagnosis. Eds.: G. Guida et al. Elsevier, Amsterdam, S. 289, 1992.


This paper provides an overview of the approach being taken within Esprit project (5143) ARTIST-, in developing a generic tool for Model Based Diagnosis (MBDS) of technical systems. A discussion on basic design choices to be made is given, leading to a skeleton methodology that provides the basis for identifying the most appropriate technique dependent upon the characteristics of the application. This leads to a generic architecture for ARTIST that is based on separating three types of knowledge used within MBDS: systems models; knowlegde of possible faults; and knowledge of how best to conduct the diagnostic process. The resulting architecture is general enough to include most of the reported approaches as special cases.


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