Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Struss 92e]

Peter Struss, Oskar Dressler

Physical Negation: Integrating fault models into the general diagnostic engine

In: Readings in Model-based Diagnosis. Eds.: Walter Hamscher, Luca Console, Johan de Kleer. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, pp. 153-158, 1992.


The General Diagnostic Engine (GDE) provides an elegant and general framework for model-based diagnosis. However, like many other diagnostic systems, GDE's device models capture only the correct, or intended, behavior of its components. It is lacking an important part of diagnostic reasoning: knowledge about how components may behave when they are faulty. This fact can limit the performance of GDE considerably. We present a solution for integrating the use of fault models into GDE in a very homogeneous way, a system called GDE+. Unlike the basic GDE, it can not only exploit contradictionsbetween the assumed correct behavior of components and the observations, but alos analyze whether the faultiness of components would really explain the observations. Based on an extended ATMS, GDE+ is able to prove the correctness of components and to rule out implausible diagnostic hypotheses.


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