Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Beschta/Dressler/Freitag/Montag/Struss 93a]

Anton Beschta, Oskar Dressler, Hartmut Freitag, Michael Montag, Peter Struss

DPNet - A Second Generation Expert System for Localizing Faults in Power Transmission Networks

In: Proceedings of the International Cigre Symposium on Diagnostic and Maintenance Techniques, Berlin, April 1993.


This paper describes the application of model-based diagnosis to the problem of fault localization in power transmission networks and illustrates that the resulting system, DPNet, has an extended competence w.r.t. rule-based approaches (treatment of unknown and multiple faults) while requiring less development efforts due to the use of component libraries in the model-based approach.


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