Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Struss 93f]

Peter Struss

Qualitative Modeling of Physical Systems in AI Research

In: Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Mathematical Computing, Jacques Calmet, John A. Campbell (eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 737, Springer, pp. 20-49, 1993.


Much of human reasoning about the physical world, in every-day life as well as in science and engineering, is performed at a conceptual and nonquantitative level. Providing formalisms, languages, and systems for the acquisition and use of qualitative models is the goal of a very active research area in Artificial Intelligence. In this introductory survey, we discuss motivations for this research, illustrate different approaches by presenting some "classical" systems, point out some issues in relation to mathematics, and provide some references to current work in research and applications.


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