Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Heller/Struss/Guerrin/Roque 95]

Ulrich Heller, Peter Struss, Francios Guerrin, Waldir Roque

A Qualitative Modeling Approach to Algal Bloom Prediction.

In: Workshop Notes of "Artificial Intelligence and the Environment" of IJCAI-95, Montreal, Canada, 1995.


Some problems typical for modeling ecological systems were encountered in the initial phase of a project that is concerned with the Rio Guaíba in Southern Brazil. This paper presents first results in modeling the phenomenon of algal bloom in a qualitative process-oriented modeling language. We addressed two problems. First, the spatial distribution of parameters and processes has to be taken into account which leads us to locate processes in or between compartments, the elements of a topological partitioning of the area. Second, the various processes involved act with speeds of different orders of magnitude (e.g. chemical reactions vs. changes in fish population) which requires techniques of time-scale abstraction.


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