Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Dressler/Struss 96]

Oskar Dressler, Peter Struss

The Consistency-based Approach to Automated Diagnosis of Technical Devices.

In: Brewka, G. (ed.), Principles of Knowledge Representation, CSLI Publications, Stanford, ISBN 1-57586-057-0, pages 267-311, 1996.


This chapter surveys theories that provide principled approaches to automating the task of diagnosing broken artifacts and presents systems that implement these approaches. The key idea of model-based diagnosis is to explicitly represent the knowledge about a device as a model of the device structure and of the behavior of its constituents and to organize diagnosis as an inference process based on this model and the observed behavior. This approach created the demand for and the possibility of developing a rigorous theoretical foundation for automated diagnosis. In particular, this comprises a formal characterization of the goal and of the inferences that achieve the goal, given model-based predictions and the actual observations of the artifact's behavior. We argue that diagnosis is becoming a major field of application and an important touchstone for the utility of logical theories and AI.


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