Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Heller/Struss 96b]

Ulrich Heller, Peter Struss

Qualitative Model Composition and Transformation for Improving Environmental Decision Support

In: "Intelligente Methoden zur Verarbeitung von Umweltinformation", erschienen als Umweltinformatik Aktuell, Band 9, Metropolis Verlag, Marburg, Germany, ISBN 3-89518-111-0,  pages 9-24, 1996.


We present some intermediate results of a project that applies model-based reasoning techniques to support environmental decision making. Using a small example from the application domain of water quality management, we demonstrate our modeling formalism. Basic processes in the domain are described qualitatively as independent model elements. Their spatial distribution is also handled by means of a qualitative abstraction, so-called compartments. A model of a complex system is generated in two steps: first, the model elements of the relevant processes are aggregated under consideration of the compartmental structure. Then, this potentially overly detailed model is transformed into one that reflects the needs of a particular situation and task. The paper presents contributions to a theoretical foundation of such an automated transformation of dynamic models.


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