Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Malik/Struss 96b]

Andreas Malik, Peter Struss

Diagnosis of Dynamic Systems Does Not Necessarily Require Simulation.

In: 7th International Workshop on Priciples of Diagnosis (DX-96), Montreal, Canada, pages 147-156, 1996.


We present a paradigmatic example of a feedback-controlled system: an electric motor with sensor and controller. Diagnosis of this system is performed based on a qualitative model that reflects deviations of parameters and behavior from a fixed reference state. The hypothesis that has been examined in this case study is that detection of behavior discrepancies does not necessarily require simulation of behavior, but can be done by checking (qualitative) states only. The qualitative models and the state-based diagnosis algorithm proved to establish a basis sufficient for fault detection and fault identifi-cation in the motor example. Some of the general pre-conditions for this are discussed.


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