Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science
MQM Paper: [Sachenbacher/Struss 97]

Martin Sachenbacher, Peter Struss

Fault Isolation in the Hydraulic Circuit of an ABS: A Real-World Reference Problem for Diagnosis.

Working Papers of the Eighth International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-97), Mont-Saint-Michel, France, pp. 113-119, 1997


We present requirements and success criteria for the real-world problem of (off-board) diagnosis of the hydraulic circuit of an anti-lock braking system. The primary problems to be addressed are quite fundamental: First, it is practically impossible to predict the dynamic behavior of this controlled automotive system as it depends on a number of unknown context conditions. Second, there are no direct measurements of the actual behavior available. Instead, the only available input are a number of temporally unspecified and inherently vague symptoms such as "vehicle is yawing to the right". Both problem dimensions might be considered a real challenge for model-based prediction and consistency checking techniques. A number of diagnostic scenarios for the system have been selected based on existing failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) documents. Their practical relevance is confirmed by experts in the domain.


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