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MQM  Model-Based Systems & Qualitative Reasoning            
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MQM: Topics Guided Research Projects (GRP), Bachelor Theses (BT), Master Thesis (MT)

  • Process-oriented Modeling and Decision support
    • Editor for process library and scenario descriptions(GRP, BT)
    • Model-based therapy proposal (MT)
    • Specification and implementation of a DSS framework (GR, BT)
    • Process-oriented modeling with deviations (MT)

  • Within the Multiple Modeling Environment MOM
    • Specification and implementation of a library concept with navigation through a space of multiple models/modeling assumptions) (BT, MT)
    • Concept and implementation of a generic solution to automated model composition (GR, BT)
    • Component-oriented modeling in MOM (BT,MT)
    • Canonical representation of relations in MOM(GRP)
    • Concept and implementation of process-oriented modeling in MOM (BT, MT)

  • If you are interested please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Struss

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