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MQM: Topics Guided Research Projects (GRP), Bachelor Theses (BT), Master Thesis (MT)

  • A generic, constraint-based configuration system (GECKO)
    • RapidConfigurator - A SW-Solution for rapid configurator prototyping
    • Within the scope of the INFIS project, MQM is currently developing a generic, constraint-based configurator (GECKO). For testing and demonstration purposes it is necessary to rapidly produce prototypes of application-specific configurators. To this end, a software solution (or framework?) is required that allows the rapid realization of such prototypes. Furthermore, the RapidConfigurator has to provide functions to visualize, modify and manage the connected configuration knowledge base. Currently, several student projects are possible (BT, MT, GRP):
      • Conceptualization and SW-Design for the RapidConfigurator
      • Development of a generic user interface for testing and demonstration of configuration examples
      • Development of the desired visualization functionality for analyzing and modifying the configuration knowledge base
    • Tools for consistency checks the GECKO knowledge base (MT)
    • One of the main requirements for constraint-based systems is guaranteeing certain properties of the used knowledge base (KB), such as coherence, completeness, and consistency, esp. when modifications and extensions are applied. This should be supported by an interactive tool, which contains some automated checks, displays results to the user and suggests appropriate amendments. The task is the conceptualization of this problem and the precise definition of the properties to be checked, an analysis of appropriate algorithms, concepts for a user-friendly display of the results and the development of the tool. This task can be split into several theses and GRPs.
    • Structural constraints in GECKO (GRP, BT, MT)
    • As certain configuration problems require components to be organized in structures, e.g. by a temporal or spatial order, according to domain specifications. The aim of the student project is to analyze the required structural constraints, to develop a generic concept for structuring configurations, and to extend the GECKO system with structuring mechanisms.
    • Handling preferences and soft constraints in GECKO (BT, MT)
    • Currently, GECKO is being developed to handle hard, thus indefeasible, constraints. In many applications, the number of relevant constraints and decisions made can result in an over-constraining, configuration problems. To solve this issue, the current concept has be extended by the introduction defeasible constraints. The task for the Thesis / Guided Research is to analyze concepts for soft and defeasible constraints and to develop a generic solution for such constraints for the GECKO system.
  • Development of concept for knowledge visualization (BT, MT)
  • Conceptualization and Specification of Interactive Configuration (BT, MT)
  • If you are interested please contact Florian Grigoleit

  • Process-oriented Modeling and Decision support
    • Editor for process library and scenario descriptions(GRP, BT)
    • Model-based therapy proposal (MT)
    • Specification and implementation of a DSS framework (GR, BT)
    • Process-oriented modeling with deviations (MT)

  • Within the Multiple Modeling Environment MOM
    • Specification and implementation of a library concept with navigation through a space of multiple models/modeling assumptions) (BT, MT)
    • Concept and implementation of a generic solution to automated model composition (GR, BT)
    • Component-oriented modeling in MOM (BT,MT)
    • Canonical representation of relations in MOM(GRP)
    • Concept and implementation of process-oriented modeling in MOM (BT, MT)

  • If you are interested please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Struss

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