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Automated Problem Solving


Automating problem solving, especially solving technical problems, such as diagnosing a device, generating tests, and configuring a system is one major aim of artificial intelligence. Model-based systems represent a class of knowledge based systems that are currently employed in more and more industrial areas. Their speciality is the distinct separation of the system represented by a model and the task specific problem solving knowledge. By separating system model and problem solving techniques it becomes possible to use the model for different problem settings.

Example Applications:

  • Fault Diagnosis in vehicles and other technical systems.
  • Environment Modeling and Decision Support Systems.
  • Current research at MQM: Automatic Training plan generation and interactive support for trainers and trainees in fitness studios.
  • Supervisor:

    Prof. Peter Struss and Florian Grigoleit.
    For questions, please contact Florian Grigoleit


    The students learn in small teams to acquaint themselves in a scientific topic, to analyze literature, to write a scientific paper, and to present their results in front of academic peers.

    Module: IN2107
    Miscellaneous: Number of students is limited to 10
    Time and Room: 14:00-16:00 00.13.62
    Start: 10.4.2014 14:00
    Language: English


  • Students will work in small teams (2-3 students / team).
  • The results have to be presented in English. The presentations should be about 20 minutes per student
  • The students write a 10 to 12 page paper (English / German) on their topic. A Word-Template for the paper will be provided.
  • Deadlines:

  • Presentation Slides (.ppt / .pptx): One week before the presentation date
  • Paper Draft Submission(.doc / .docx): 31.7.2014
  • Final Paper Submission(.doc / .docx): 31.8.2014

  • Topics:

  • Automated Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Topic: Automated FMEA for Avionic Systems
    • Date: 25.5.2014
    • Team: Veronik Besner, Hazem Albezreh

  • Automated Testing
    • Topic: tbd
    • Date: 12.6.2014
    • Team: Ana Chakfeh et Al-waleed Shihadeh

  • Consistency-based Diagnosis
    • Topic: tbd
    • Date: 19.6.2014
    • Team: Ebru Yildirimli, Hasan Güven Cadogan, Ece Gurler

  • Automatic Configuration
    • Topic: tbd
    • Date: 3.7.2014
    • Team: László-András Zsurzsa, Kehinde Fawumi, Alexander Müller


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